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Written by Husqvarna Viking on June 28, 2022

Striped Tote Bag with Bow

A great reusable and durable tote bag is always useful whether going to the office, the beach, shopping and more! Make it in a high-contrast striped fabric and turn the stripes in different directions to make a super fun design!

Easily personalise it further by adding a uniquely designed label.

Finished size of the tote bag: 15" x 14" (38 x 36cm)


  • Striped fabric for bag and bow 20" x 57" (50cm x 145cm)
  • Fabric for lining
  • Scraps of fabric for label
  • Sturdy canvas straps for shoulder straps
  • Sewing thread

Cut the Fabric:

A 1/2" (1cm) seam allowance is included in all measurements.

Black and White Striped Fabric:


  • A. 1 Piece 16" x 35 1/2" (40 x 90 cm)'


  • B. 1 Piece 12" x 11" (30 x 27cm)
  • C. 1 Piece 3 1/2" x 6 (9x15cm)
  • D. 1 piece 16" x 7" (40x18cm)


  • E. 2 Pieces 16" x 2 1/2" (40x 6cm) (for top of lining)

Lining Fabric:

  • 1 Piece 16" x 28 1/2" (40x72cm) of lining fabric


  • Fabric scraps in matching colour(s)



  • Design your own label to personalise your bag.
  • Program letters and/or decorative stitches and embellish one-half of a small scrap of fabric.
  • Fold the label right sides together and stitch along the short sides. Turn right side out and press to create your label. For a more elaborate look, make a second solid coloured label to place underneath your decorated label.


  • Start by preparing the bow pieces B,C and D. The red lines on the illustration above show where to fold the fabric pieces.
  • Fold piece B lengthwise (according to the illustration), right sides together. Stitch around the raw edges, leaving an opening in the bottom for turning. Press the seam allowances open. Turn right side out, press and stitch the opening closed.
  • Fold piece C right sides together, and stitch along the long side. Press the seam allowance open and turn right side out. Center the seam on the backside and press the fabric to form a firmly pressed strap. Stitch the short ends of piece C together forming a circle.
  • Pull piece B into the circular piece C forming a bow.
  • Fold piece D right sides together and proceed and described for piece C above (but without stitching the short ends together.)
  • Stitch the label to one of the long sides of piece D placing it approximately 1" from the outer edge.
  • Place piece D on top of piece A 4" (10cm) from the top. Pin in place. Snap-on presser foot D. With straight stitch 1 (left needle position), stitch piece D to piece A as illustrated above.
  • Place the bow in the middle of piece D, and hand-stitch in place.
  • Fold piece A right sides together so that the short ends meet. Stitch together along the long sides. Press the seam allowances open.
  • To make a 2 1/2" (6cm) wide bottom to the bag, match the side seam with the bottom seam and sew across the corner 1 3/4" (3cm) from the tip as illustrated above. Repeat for the opposite side and press seams.

Pin and baste the handles to the outside of the bag 3" (7cm) from the side seams. Align the raw edges.


  • Place one of the E strips right sides together with one of the short ends of the lining. Stitch together and press the seam allowance open. Repeat for one other side of the lining. Fold the lining right sides together and sew the side seams leaving a 4" (10cm) opening on one side. Press the seam allowances open.
  • Make a 2 1/2" (6cm) wide bottom for the lining as done for the outer bag above.

Bag assembly:

  • Place the outer bag inside the lining right sides together and line up the upper edges. Pin and sew around the upper raw edge using a 1/2" (1cm) seam allowance.
  • Pull the outer bag through the opening in the lining. Snap-on presser foot D. With the left needle position straight stitch, topstitch the opening in the lining closed.
  • Push the lining into the outer bag and press the upper edge.

Congratulations on finishing your tote bag!

Article written by Husqvarna Viking