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Written by Debbie Lomas on March 14, 2022

Adjustable Blind Hem Foot

Blind hemming is one of the most popular forms of hemming. As it sounds, the stitching on the hem is near invisible due to the ingenious way of folding the fabric. But alas, blind hemming can also give some new sewers anxiety at the thought of it, until they understand how simple it is to do. Once you have mastered this technique, you will never go back!

The blind hem foot is a standard accessory with most Husqvarna Viking machines, although the Adjustable Blind Hem foot which is pictured above can be moved from side to side to fine-tune the amount of fabric caught by the blind hem. The adjustment makes it easy so the stitch ‘grabs’ the correct amount of fabric as shown below.

On selected machines, the Exclusive Sewing Advisor feature can be set with blind hem and fabric type, and the best stitch will automatically be selected for you.

Instructions for use:

  1. Snap on Adjustable Blind Hem Foot
  2. Fold and press hem as instructed for blind hem
  3. Place hem under foot and turn the orange dial on the blind hem foot to the right or left to adjust the foot from side to side until the wide zigzag stitch of the blind hem barely catches the fold of the fabric.

I suggest whenever you do use the blind hem, always try a sample piece first prior to using on your garment to make sure you are happy with all your settings!

The Adjustable Blind Hem Foot part number is H4129766-45 and suitable for all models 1-8.

Not sure what machine model you have? Check the Machine Compatibility Chart

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Article written by Debbie Lomas
Debbie started her career working in a fabric store at the age of 20. She quickly moved into selling machines and teaching. After working with VSM for a number of years, she travelled to many craft shows around Australia teaching a variety of classes including the new love of her life, quilting and patchwork.

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