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Written by Amy Watts on January 8, 2024

Air Threader Overlockers.

What are they and why do I need one?

Overlockers. You’ve most likely heard of, have one or have been thinking about getting one. Am I right? But what about an Air Threader?!

An overlocker (also known as a serger) is a type of sewing machine that uses multiple threads to seam fabric and also overcast the raw edges. An Air Threader is all this and more. Today I’ll be sharing with you exactly what they are and why they’re so exciting! I’ll be using my Amber™ Air S|400 as the example.

SO many people dread using their overlocker. Not because they don't love it – overlockers make clean seam finishes and sewing with knits an absolute breeze. But when it comes to threading an overlocker, it can send the most experienced sewist straight out of their sewing room and into procrastination!

If you’ve attempted to thread a standard overlocker before, you’ll likely know the process can be frustrating, finicky and tedious. And it has to be done in the correct order every time a thread breaks or a new colour is needed.

That said, you can absolutely nail threading a standard overlocker, armed with your manual, some patience, and a pair of tweezers. Practice makes perfect … or at least practice makes easier!

But threading tends to be one of the most intimidating hurdles for sewists who are new to overlockers. So, if you’re making up new swear words, feeling like throwing your machine out the window, or just over looking up the threading order and fiddling with threading the awkwardly placed loopers, read on my friend.

If you’re putting off what you really want to sew just because you don’t want to re-thread your machine – I’m going to fill you in now on the difference an Air threader can make.

Imagine an overlocker that's smart enough to thread itself. Using the power of air, with the flick of a switch, the turn of a dial and a pull of a lever – the Amber™ Air S|400 air threader does just that! No more struggling to threader those pesky looper needles!

With the Amber™ Air S|400 air threaders, the threading ports are connected to the end of the loopers by a series of tubes. The tubes connect when the threading system is engaged. So, once you’ve run the thread through the guides on the top of the machine, all you have to do is insert the thread into the port. A jet of air is then created when the pump lever is pulled, and the threads are taken through the tubes and all the way through the looper with the air flow.

These tubes also mean that you can thread your machine in any order without worry. You can change just one thread, without rethreading the rest and do it in under a minute!

Just look at those threads starting in the ports on the right, invisible in the tubes and coming out the loopers on the left!

If you struggle with threading the left and right needles too, it’s worth noting that the Amber™ Air S|400 air threaders are for the loopers only. However, there are needle threaders for the needles too!

Other things I love about my Amber™ Air S|400:

  • Super easy to adjust the cutting width
  • Simple to disengage the knife
  • The catch all thread bin
  • It’s rubber feet so there’s no wobbly dance across my sewing table
  • It has 15(!!) stitch options

My favourite thing is definitely the fact that I no longer let the thread colour that is currently in my overlocker determine the colour of my next make!

Why not try one out at your local Husqvarna Viking retailer today. I bet you’ll be blown away!

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Article written by Amy Watts
Amy Watts: Creative enthusiast and fabric aficionado. With a penchant for intricate designs and a love for vibrant textiles, Amy weaves her passion for sewing into every stitch, turning fabrics into delightful creations that spark joy!