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Designer Brilliance 80 Embroidery and Sewing Machine


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The Designer Brilliance 80 is intuitive, uniquely capable, and has been designed with any sewist who has big and bright ideas!

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The Designer Brilliance 80 is intuitive, uniquely capable, and has been designed with any sewist who has big and bright ideas!

Included Accessories:

Presser Feet:

Utility Foot A, Decorative Stitch Foot B, Buttonhole Foot C, Blindhem Foot D, Zipper Foot E, Non-Stick Glide Foot H, Edging Foot J, Piecing Foot P, Embroidery/Darning Foot R, Side Motion Foot S, Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot, Sensor Q Foot, Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot.


Designer Splendid Square Hoop 120x120, Designer Crown Hoop 260x200, Designer Royal Hoop 360x200

Other Accessories:

Straight Stitch Needle Plate, Hard Cover

Top Features:

  • JoyOS ADVISOR™ Feature Extended Sewing Advisor™ feature with on-screen tutorials, sewing projects, step-by-step instructions and sewing techniques. It will instantly select the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, threas tension and presser foot pressure when the fabric type is selected.
    • Interactive Tutorials - Learn how to sew different techniques like zippers, collars, hems etc. The machine will guide you and automatically sets the preferred settings for various techniques.
    • Stitch and Embroidery Techniques - The exclusive Husqvarna Viking techniques are shown with step-by-step instructions, including animations, and/or illustrations.
    • Sewing Instructions - The sewing machine has sewing instructions, including animations and/or illustrations to assist you with techniques that you haven't done before.
    • Stabiliser Guide - This guide will help you select the correct stabiliser's for your projects.
    • Quick Help - Touch any stitch, icon or function to see its name and description.
    • The Complete User's Guide - Built into the machine, so you can easily access it and find any information you may need.
  • mySewnet™ Cloud - WiFi Connectivity And Apps Allows for the easy access to embroideries from multiple devices, including your computer, tablet or machine.
    • WiFi Connectivity - Get access to the mySewnet™ universe and have the machine updates automatically sent.
    • Personal Cloud - Free mySewnet™ account with ability to share designs between devices.
    • Transfer Designs - Store and wirelessly transfer designs from any location to your machine.
    • mySewnet™ Blog - Get tips, hints, projects and news sent directly to your machine screen automatically.
    • Husqvarna Viking Apps - There are several free apps are available for both Android and iOS including: mySewMonitor™ QuickDesign™ JoyOS Advisor™
  • DeLuxe™ Stitch System Less time and effort is spent on making machine adjustments with high quality results regardless of fabric and thread type. This is perfect for metallic or other specialty threads. Gorgeous stitch results on both sides of the fabric.
    • Thread Portioning feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch, regardless of fabric type or fabric thickness, when sewing or embroidered.
    • Choose between Thread Portioning or Thread Tension for specific techniques and accessories.
  • Large Display With Capacitive Touch 7" (154x86mm) Easily navigate through various screens using the multi-touch gestures.
    • Drag and drop on the screen, zoom, rotate, pinch, swipe and spread, just like a smart tablet or phone.
    • Large (7" or 154x86mm) full-colour capacitive touch screen.
    • High Resolution (1024x600)
    • Smart toolbox for easy editing, one touch access to the most used tools.
    • User interface delivering optimium intuitive experience.
  • Exclusive Stitch Techniques Includes world class Husqvarna Viking unique stitches for more creative opportunities: Sequin Stitches, Pop-Up Stitches, Applique Stitches, plus Theme Stitches.
    • Create Dimensional Stitches by adding fabric or sequins for a unique decorative and textured effect; both vertically and horizontally.
    • Theme stitches allow you to select a group of 4 stitches of the same theme and switch stitching between those 4 for a cohesive look.
  • Exclusive Sensor System™ Feature Automatically and continously senses and adjusts to any thickness of fabric for perfect, even feeding as you sew.
    • Sensor Foot Lift
      • Presser Foot lowers and raises automatically for every sewing technique.
      • Four positions: down, pivot, up and extra lift.
      • Automatically lowers feed teeth on extra lift for maximum space to slide thick fabrics and quilts under the foot easily.
    • Sensor Foot Pivot
      • Automatic float position with needle down for instant pivoting, easy applique and quilting.
      • Your hands are free to guide the fabric.
    • Sensor Foot Pressure
      • The presser foot continously senses the thickness of the fabric and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure, for even feeding on all fabric types.


  • Electonic Needle Piercing Power Stitch through heavy fabrics or several layers without hesitation.
    • Pulsating force gives you superior results when sewing through heavy and dense fabrics or sewing through multiple layers.
    • Maximum needle force 150NWT
  • Large Sewing Surface
    • Sew large quilts, home dec projects and garments easilt.
    • Long free arm for ease of sewing, nearly 10" (250mm) work area.
  • Extensive Selection Of Built-in Stitches There are many opportunities to unleash your creativity.
    • Over 550 stitches, up to 54mm wide.
    • 19 categories for easy selection.
    • Exclusive patented stitch techniques.
    • 5 sewing alphabets, with both upper and lowe case letters, for easy programming.
  • Interchangeable Dual Feed Included No matter what type of fabric, it has never been easier to keep your fabrics in place while sewing.
    • The Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot with changeable presser feet is designed to feed layers of fabric and/or batting evenly.
    • It is perfect for quilting, sewing velvet, stretch fabrics, leather and fabrics that needs precise pattern matching.
  • Sewing Functions All of your necessary functions at your command with the touch of a button.
    • Needle up/down
    • Start/stop
    • Stop
    • Fix
    • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes The Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot automatically sews perfect one-step buttonholes everytime.
    • Sews both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for evenly balanced buttonholes.
    • 11 buttonhole styles designed for various applications.
  • Stitch Positioning Move the stitches to sew exactly where you want them to be.
    • Possible to change complete the stitch position for all stitches with than than 7mm of stitch width.
  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor The perfect aid for straight stitch sewing with any striaght stitch accessory.
    • Attach the Straight Stitch Plate and the machine sensor alerts you if you select any stitch other than a straight stitch.
    • No need to worry about damaging needles anymore.
  • Two Free-Motion Settings Choose the one most convenient for you.
    • Free-motion spring action
    • Free-motion floating
  • 29 Needle Postions Sews a straight stitch in 29 different positions for perfect topstitchinh, edge stitching, under stitching, stitching-in-the-ditch for quilting.
  • Stitch Balance The Designer Brilliance 80 automatically sets the ideal feed balance when stitching forwards and backwards, so your decorative stitching come out perfectly.


  • Generous Embroidery Area
    • Create and embroider larger than life designs up to 360x350mm without the re-hooping using the optional Designer Majestic Hoop.
    • Three Embroidery hoops are included. The Designer Splendid Square Hoop 120x120, the Designer Crown Hoop 260x200 and the Designer Royal Hoop 360x200.
    • Several optional hoops available for special techniques like endless embroideries, quilting, textured embroideries and much more.
  • Large Number of Built-in Embroidery Designs Endless opportunities to be creative.
    • Over 580 embroidery designs, incorporating 30 specialty techniques.
    • Categories for easy selection.
    • 5 embroidery fonts, in each different sizes, from 10 to 80mm
  • Design Positioning Hoop and re-hoop your projects with confidence. Place and match your embroideries with this superior placement feature.
    • Place your embrodieries exactly where you want without templates
    • Join your embroideries with stitch point accuracy.
  • Embroidery Design Customising Personalise your embroideries right on the screen.
    • Add multiple designs, and align them with guidelines
    • Rotate, mirror, scale and move
    • Edit colours
    • Group and ungroup designs
    • Undo/redo
    • Change stitch out order
    • Colour block sort
    • Colour block merge
    • Monochrome
  • High Embroidery Speed The perfect time-saver for evrry embroidery.
    • Up to 1000 stitches per minute with optimum results.
  • Smart Save If you lose power or need to stop embroidering/sewing, all adjustments are automatically saved.
    • The machine will automatically save and remember all edits in your current work if it is interrupted.
    • Choose to manually save whenever you want.
  • Automatic Jump Stitch Trim Eliminate trimming time as you create beautiful embroideries.
    • Jump stitches are cut automatically and thread tails pulled to the back.
    • Automatic thread cutter cuts the top thread at each colour change.
  • Welcome To Embroidery Stitch Out An easy way to make sure you have all the settings you need.
    • Check out the embroidery settings and make desired changes before entering Stitch Out mode
  • Design Shaping Create unlimited new embroideries using any stitch and/or embroidery.
    • Choose from 10 different shapes.
    • Customise spacing, angle, rotation and line justification for even more creativity.
    • Combination Repeat function for inserting multiple elements.
  • Design Applique Create appliques on the screen in your machine, no extra software required.
    • Choose from 45 different shapes - all built-in, such as: heart, flower, letters and more.
    • Finish your applique with one of six different stitch options>
  • Basting options Use basting to secure the fabric without hooping. Perfect for embroidering on delicate or stretchy fabric.
    • Choose between baste around design or baste around the hoop area.
  • Embroider Buttonholes And Decorative Stitches In The Hoop Expand your creativity by combining any of the built-in stitches for endless design opportunities.
    • Embroider perfectly placed buttonholes on your project.
    • Create new design combinations using any of your decorative stitches.
  • Tapering In The Hoop Automatically create mitered corners and beautiful angled effects using decorative stitches.
    • Choose from 32 stitches with several angle options.


  • LED Light Illuminated Workspace Designed to give even light over the entire workarea.
    • Created using LED technology and light guides provides excellent lighting on your work area.
    • See fabric and stitches in true colour and with less shadows.
  • Complimentary Machine Software Download Download the software from to enhance the use of your Designer Brilliance 80 sewing and embroidery machine. Adds the following features:
    • mySewnet™ cloud communication module allows you to connect the machine to your computer via WiFi.
    • Windows Explorer Plug-in gives you the ability to view designs as thumbnail images, reading different embroidery file formats, add trim commands and more.
    • Create and add embroidery fonts to your machine using any TrueType font on your computer with the QuickFont program.
  • Bobbin Winding Through the Needle For timesaving anf convenient bobbin winding.
    • Separate bobbin winding motor.
  • USB Port The USB port allows for transfer of designs and updates.
    • For your convenience, the Designer Brilliance ™ 80 machine also reads the most popular design formats.
  • Inch/cm Ruler On The Base Plate Convenient measuring right there on your machine.
    • Ruler 17" (43cm)
    • Button ruler
  • Hard Cover Protective dust-free storage for your machine.
  • Designed and Engineered in Sweden. Husqvarna Viking brand has developed superior quality sewing machines with cutting-edge technology for over 145 years.

Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 120 × 70 × 121 cm

Husqvarna Viking

Built-in Needle Threader



11 Automatic Buttonholes

Colour Touch Screen


Embroidery Area


Embroidery Designs

Over 580

Embroidery Fonts


USB Ports


Sewing Fonts


Sewing Space

10" (250mm)

Screen Size



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