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    Ruffler Foot


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    The Ruffler creates tiny pleats or gathers in light to medium weight fabrics.

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    Machine Compatibility: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Not suitable for: Emerald series, Eden Rose 250M, Tribute 140M and 145M

    Not sure which group your machine belongs to? Check out the Machine Compatibility Chart

    The Ruffler creates tiny pleats or gathers in light to medium weight fabrics.

    How to use:

    1. Remove the ankle/shank.
    2. Replace the needle clamp screw with the longer screw included with the ruffler.
    3. Place the Ruffler on the machine ankle/shank with the fork over the needle clamp screw. Secure the Ruffler on the ankle with the accessory thumb screw.
    4. Set machine for straight stitch only.
    5. Reduce presser foot pressure as needed.
    6. The adjusting lever (J) sets how often the Ruffler will pleat. Set it at 1 for a pleat each stitch, 6 a pleat every 6th stitch, and 12 a pleat every 12th stitch. Set it to 0 for no pleats, the Ruffler action is disengaged for normal straight stitching.
    7. The adjusting screw (I) sets how full the ruffles will be. Experiment stitching on scraps of the same fabric to be ruffled. Turn the screw to the right for more and the left for less fabric fullness in the ruffle.
    8. Stitch length 2.5-3. Experiment with other length settings because the stitch length will also affect the fullness of the ruffle. The shorter the stitch the less distance between the pleats. Width must always be 0 for straight stitch.


    1. Place the fabric to be ruffled into the guide slots (G), then between the two black blades of the Ruffler (E & F) beyond the point of the needle.
    2. Lower the presser foot and sew at an even medium speed.

    Create ruffle and stitch to flat fabric at the same time:

    1. Place the flat fabric right side up under ruffler.
    2. Place the fabric to be ruffled right side down into the guide slot and blades as in step 1 above.
    3. Sew. The flat fabric is moved by the feed teeth as the top fabric is ruffled and stitched to it.

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    Weight0.300 kg

    Husqvarna Viking


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