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Written by Cath Quinlan on March 27, 2023

Mother's Day Project: How to Sew a Tablet Case with the Designer Sapphire™ 85


Does your Mum have a tablet or e-reader, she loves to take on the road? Why not make her a customised case, that features a floral design built-in to the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire™ 85 Sewing and Embroidery machine.

Learn how to sew a tablet case with elegant embroidery and simple stitching, by following the easy step-by-step instructions below.

Let’s get started.


Here is what you need to sew a tablet case:

  • 1 x (20cm x 30cm) (8” x 12”) Vinyl Front Panel
  • 1 x (20cm x 30cm) (8” x 12”) Vinyl Back Panel
  • 2 x (20cm x 30cm) (8” x 12”) Fusible Pellon
  • 2 x (20cm x 30cm) (8” x 12”) Lining Fabric
  • 2 x (20cm x 30cm) (8” x 12”) Fusible Interfacing
  • 1 x (18cm x 28cm) (7” x 11”) Vinyl Front Flap
  • 1 x (18cm x 28cm) (7” x 11”) Front Flap Lining
  • 1 x (18cm x 28cm) (7” x 11”) Fusible Interfacing
  • INSPIRA®Tear-A-Way Stabiliser
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Construction Thread
  • Wonder Clips
  • Pressing Cloth/Teflon Mat
  • General Sewing Requirements

Machine Requirements:


Press the pellon to the back of the vinyl front panel and back panel.  Use a pressing cloth/Teflon sheet and press from the pellon side, not the vinyl side.

Press the interfacing to the lining on the front panel, back panel & front flap.

Embroidering the front flap of the tablet case:

1 - Hoop tearaway only in 260x200 hoop.

2 - Centre the vinyl in the hoop.

3 - Secure the edges with pins. These holes will be hidden in the seam allowance.

4 - Retrieve the Signature Design from Menu A Design 1, and centre in the hoop.

5 - Stitch out the design in your desired colours.

6 - Take out of the hoop and remove excess stabiliser.

7 - Lay the front flap right side up on a table.

8 - Measure down and mark (7.5cm) 3” from the top right and top left edge.

9 - Mark the bottom centre of the panel.

10 - Cut from the (7.5cm) 3” mark to the centre mark on both sides.

11 - Cut the lining piece the same size as the front flap.

12 - Lay the front flap right sides down over the front flap lining piece.

13 - Use the ¼” foot included with the Designer Sapphire™ 85 Sewing and Embroidery Machine to stitch down all sides except the top section.  Leave this open.

14 - Turn the flap through the top section.

15 - Press from the lining side.

16 - Attach the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot with the ¼” soul (included with the Designer Sapphire™ 85 Sewing and Embroidery Machine), increase the straight stitch length to 3.5 and decrease the foot pressure to 4.5. 

Search the JoyOS Reference Guide if you are unsure where to find these settings.

17 -  The inside edge of the foot will give a 1/8” topstitch measurement.

18 - Topstitch around the three seamed edges.

19 - Use a sharp seam ripper to cut through the layers of thread on the centre flower to create the thread velvet effect.

20 - Put to the side.

Embroidering the front panel of the tablet case

1 - Retrieve design from Menu A, Design 18.

2 - Duplicate the design.

3 - Mirror Image top to bottom

4 - Use the alignment lines to position side by side.  These lines will show up automatically when moving designs around.  Use the fine tune arrows to move in small increments where needed. See Page 98 of the manual for Alignment information.

5 - Open the Toolbox and Select All. 

6 - Select Scale and change the size to 285.0 vertical.  This will change the size of the design proportionally.

7 - Touch the designs and drag out of the right side of the hoop area.  The outside of the hoop area will highlight red.

8 - Select the Move to Hoop icon.  This will move the designs to directly inside the hoop area.

9 - Select Position and touch the vertical position.  Change this to 0.  Your design should now sit against the right side of the hoop and in the centre vertically.

10 - Press GO.

11 - Hoop tearaway in 360x200 hoop.

12 - Lay the back panel vertically centre and hard against the inside right edge of the hoop.

13 - Pin in place around the outside edges.

14 - Go to Design Positioning and move the locked point on the design to a position of 90.  Press the tick.

15 - Select Colour Sort.  NOT Colour Merge.

16 - Skip colour 1.  This is for an endless design

17 - Stitch colour 2.

18 - Skip Colour 3.  This is for an endless design.

19 - Stitch the remaining colours.

20 - Remove from the hoop and take away excess stabiliser.

21 - Place to the side

Stitching the back panel of the tablet case

1 - Select JoyOS  and Start New

2 - Press tick to clear ongoing work.

3 - Select Stitch Menu.

4 - Go to Menu L.

5 - Double tap Stitch number 15 to bring the design into the centre of the hoop.

6 - Select Design Shaping.

7 - Open the tab, Shape Menu and select the Straight Line.

8 - Choose Rotate and select 90 degrees

9 - Select Scale and change the length to 280mm.

10 - Open Select Spacing and touch Left Justified.

11 - Choose 7 repeats of the stitch.  Tick to return to the Edit screen.

12 - Touch outside the design area to deselect the design.

13 - Select Stitch Menu

14 - Go to Menu F and select double tap stitch 13.

15 - Go to Design Shaping

16 - Open Shape Menu and select the Straight Line.

17 - Choose Rotate and select 90 degrees

18 - Select Scale and change the length to 280mm.

19 - Open Select Spacing and touch Left Justified.

20 - Choose 24 repeats of the stitch. 

21 - Open Select Spacing again and select Evenly Spaced.

22 - Tick to return to the Edit screen.

23 - Select the original design and press Centre in Hoop

24 - Touch the smaller stitches and drag to the right of the middle design.  Use the Alignment lines to help centre.  The position should be Horizontal 15.5 and Vertical 0.

25 - Change the Horizontal Position to 25.0 and leave the Vertical 0.

26 - Select Duplicate and move the second design to the left of centre.

27 - Change the Position to -25.0 and 0.

28 - Save the design.

29 - Go to embroidery stitch out.

30 - Hoop 360x200 Hoop with tearaway only.

31 - Draw a line 2” in from the long edge of the right-hand side of the vinyl panel.

32 - Place the vinyl in the hoop with the right edge hard against the inside edge of the hoop and centered vertically.

33 - Go to Design Positioning

34 - Select Toolbox and the centre position.

35 - Move the design to line up with the (5cm) 2” mark.  The Position should be 0.0 vertically.

36 - Press tick.

37 - Stitch the design.

38 - The first section of the design stop to allow you to place small pieces of vinyl behind the needle for applique.

Tip: We recommend you to use your JoyOS ADVISOR™ feature and locate the dimensional stitches project for instructions on how to sew dimensional stitches and automatically get the correct settings.

39 - Once the centre line has finished stitching, press Monochrome and let the machine complete the design.

40 - Remove from the hoop and take away excess stabiliser.

Putting the tablet case together

Centre the front flap right sides down onto the right side of the back panel.  Use clips to hold in place.

Baste the flap to the back panel with 1/8seam allowance and 4mm stitch.  Use the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot with a reduced foot pressure of 3.5.

Place a piece of lining right sides down over this and use a ¼” seam and stitch length of 3.0 to secure.

Fold the lining back and topstitch along the back panel & lining.

Put the front panel and lining right sides together.

Stitch with a ¼” seam allowance along the top.

Flip to right sides out and fold over.  Top stitch as before.

Open out and place the front and back right sides together.

Stitch around the three edges leaving the bottom of the lining open.

Turn through and turn in the seam on the bottom of the lining.

Stitch down.

Push the lining into the case, fill it with your reading tablet, pack a cold drink, head to the beach and enjoy!!!


Now you have learned how to sew a tablet case for Mum this Mother’s day, why not make one for yourself?  This is a practical project that will make your tablet or e-reader incredibly stylish.

Try using a different embroidery design, or even some applique to make a truly unique design to you.

If you make this tablet case, or any other projects on our blog be sure to tag us at @husqavrnaviking_sewing_aus on Instagram and use the hashtag #husqvarnavikingsewing, so we can see your wonderful creations.

Article written by Cath Quinlan
Cath Quinlan has been designing and teaching for more than 10 years. Her talents lie in digitising, free-motion quilting, machine embroidery and education. She has co-authored two internationally distributed machine embroidery books, published many projects in Australian craft magazines and digitised and sold numerous embroidery designs and patterns. Her passion remains in education and the ability to share what she knows with anyone willing to listen. Cath’s teaching style is fun and relaxed, and she truly believes that ‘anyone can do it’.

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