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Written by Husqvarna Viking on July 13, 2023

How to Make a Tool Belt with Pockets and Holders (Part One)

Does your dad love to tinker around the house? Does he always lose or misplace his tools? Why not make him a handy tool belt with pockets and holders as a Father’s Day gift!

These versatile tool holders are constructed for daily use. The pockets can be combined depending on the task. The pockets are great to store screws, washers, and other small stuff. Just clip on to the belt when needed.

Let’s get Started!

What you need:

The detailed supply list with measurements for the different pockets are listed under the instruction for each of them, but the materials used are:

  1. Nonfraying sturdy fabric, like Cordura or synthetic canvas
  2. Strong sewing thread
  3. D-rings 2.5cm (1”) width
  4. Velcro
  5. Mesh or thick mosquito net, the one used for window frames.
  6. Webbing. 2cm (¾”) and 2.5cm (1”) width
  7. Webbing for belt 5cm (2”) width
  8. Plastic coiled zipper for bags
  9. Carabiner clips

Padded mobile Pocket:


1 - Cordura fabric

  • (1)  X 110cm x 10cm (44” x 4”)
  • (2) X 7cm x 12cm (3” x 5”)

2 - Foam batting

  • (1) X 38cm x 8cm (15”x 3”)

3 - Velcro

  • (1) 5cm (2”) long

4 - Webbing

  • (1) 2cm (¾”) wide X 20cm (8”)

5 - Sewing thread

How to sew:

1 - Fold the small cordura pieces in half lengthwise and topstitch close to the edge on all four sides to hold the piece together. Make a line 6mm (¼”) from the long raw edge on each piece.

2 - Fold the long piece together in half. Make a mark 4cm (1½”) from the top and place the soft Velcro piece there. Topstitch in place, only on the top layer! Turn the folded piece over, with the attached Velcro piece facing down.

3 - Make a mark 30cm (12”) from the folded edge. Place the webbing piece there, it should extend towards the open short edges of the fabric piece.

Stitch in place with a square about 2.5cm (1”) long at the end where you made the mark.

4 - Make a mark on each side of the fabric piece, 2.5cm (1”) from the fold and another 12cm (5”) further down the raw edges.

Place the side pieces between the marks with the 6mm (¼”) line at the edge, The side pieces should be placed between the two layers of the folded fabric piece.

5 - Topstitch the long edges of the folded fabric piece together close to the edge catching the side pieces in the stitching.

6 - Insert the foam batting from the short open edge. Move it all the way up to the folded edge. Use a knitting needle or similar to the position in place.

7 - Make a mark 15cm (6”) from the open short edge on the back (the side without the attached webbing piece) and fold the edge up to that mark. Topstitch in place to make the belt tunnel. Take care not to catch the webbing in the stitching.

8 - Turn the right side up, and make a mark 18cm (7”) from the folded edge, that is 2.5cm (1”) above the side pieces. Fold the short side up on this mark and stitch the side pieces onto the sides close to the edge.

9 - Finally, turnabout 2.5cm (1”) of the webbing to the right side and place the hard piece of Velcro on top. Topstitch in place. If needed the webbing could be cut off before adding the Velcro.

Your padded mobile phone holder is now finished.

Small things Pocket Holder


  1. Cordura fabric or similar 21cm x 15cm (8½” x 6”)
  2. Velcro 10cm (4”)
  3. Webbing 2.5cm (1”) wide 12cm (5”)
  4. 2 D-rings 2.5cm (1”) opening
  5. Sewing thread

How to sew:

1 - Fold the long sides towards the middle wrong sides together. Pin in place.

2 - Topstitch close to the folded edges and make a topstitching close to the raw edges in the middle, one on each side.

3 - Change to the zipper foot. Fold one of the edges of the webbing piece over the D-ring about 2cm (¾”) and topstitch in place. Repeat on the other end of the webbing.

4 - Place the webbing piece on the middle of the fabric piece. Stitch in place. The excess webbing in the middle will form a loop to hang a screwdriver in.

5 - Place the hard side of the Velcro on one of the short ends on the wrong side. Adjust the length of the Velcro piece and topstitch in place.

6 - Divide the soft piece of the Velcro in two. Place them on the front at the other short end, one on each side. Top Stitch in place.

Your pocket holder is now finished. Use carabiner clips to attach the pockets.

Congratulations on finishing Part One of the Tool Belt with Pockets and Holders Project! We hope you are enjoying this project so far and stay tuned for Part Two!

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Article written by Husqvarna Viking