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Written by Husqvarna Viking on January 16, 2023

How to sew a Wet Bag for Wet Swimmers

Summer is now well and truly here! If you go for a swim to keep cool, you may be unsure about what to do with your wet swimmers for the trip back home. That’s why we’ve put together these instructions for How to Sew a Wet Bag for Wet Swimmers to take them home after a great day out.

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Preparation of the Fabric:

  1. Cut (2) 28x23cm rectangles out of your main fabric
  2. Cut (2) 28x11cm rectangles out of your contrast fabric
  3. Cut (2) 2.5x6cm rectangles out of contrast fabric
  4. Cut (1) 6x46cm rectangle out of contrast fabric
  5. Cut (2) 28x28cm squares out of PUL
  6. Cut (2) 2.5x6cm rectangles out of PUL

Construct the Wet Bag for Swimmers:

Seam allowances are 1 cm unless otherwise stated

1 - Make the strap with the 6x46cm rectangle contrast fabric by doing the following:

  • Fold both long ends in toward the wrong side so they meet in the middle.
  • Fold again in half and sew the strap closed along the folded sides.

3 - Line the 2.5x6cm pieces of contrast fabric up with the ends of your zip with the right sides facing. Stitch along the ends. Turn zip over and repeat with the 2.5x6cm PUL pieces. Ensure the shiny side of the PUL is facing the back of the zip.

4 - Fold the fabric pieces away from the zip and press. Be careful with the temperature of your iron when working with PUL. If your iron is too hot, it will melt.

5 - Place one of your main 28x23cm rectangles and 28x11cm contrast fabric right sides together and sew along the long edge.

6 - Press seam allowance toward the main fabric. Change the stitch length to 3.0 and top stitch the seam allowance down. Repeat this step with the remaining pieces.

7 - Baste your strap to the side of one of your main bag pieces, lining the raw edges up with the raw edge of the main fabric. Place it approx 3 cm down from the top of the main fabric.

8 - Pin zip to the top edge of your main bag piece. The right side of the zip should be facing the right side of your fabric.  Sew the zip in place using the Narrow Zipper Foot.

9 - Place one of your PUL pieces on top of the zip, so the zip is sandwiched in between the main fabric and PUL. With the shiny side of the PUL against the zip. Line up the centre of the PUL piece and the centre of the zipper. Pin, with pins inside seam allowance or use a clips.

10 - Sew along top using the Narrow Zipper Foot.
11 - Fold the fabric and pull away from the zipper and press. Increase stitch length to 3.0 and stop stitch along the zipper and trim any extra fabric from the ends of the zip.

12 - With the main fabric facing up, line the top of your other main piece up with the zipper, with the right side of the fabric together. Pin and sew with the Narrow Zipper Foot.

13 - Flip bag, so your PUL side is up. Lay your other PUL piece on top, the shiny sides of the PUL should be together. Pin and sew along top with your Narrow Zipper Foot.

14 - Flip the fabric and pull away from the zip and Press. With your stitch length set to 3.0 top stitch along the zip. Open the Zip.

15 - Flip pieces so the main bag pieces are right sides together and the PUL pieces are shiny sides together. Sew all the way around the bag, leaving a 5cm gap in the PUL. Clip corners.

16 - Flip the bag right side out through the PUL. Fold edges of the gap open and stitch the hole closed.

17 - Push the PUL back inside the bag.

18 - Your Wet Swimmer Bag is now complete!

You’ve Learned How to Sew a Bag for Your Wet Swimmers!

Now armed with your wet swimmer bag, you will always have somewhere to store your wet swimmers after a fun day in the sun at the beach or in the pool.

Now that you have learned how to sew a bag for your wet swimmers and discovered just how easy they are to make, why not make a personalised one for your family and friends? It is also a great opportunity to use up your scrap stash and reduce your sewing wastage.

Tag us at @husqavrnaviking_sewing_aus on Instagram and use the hashtag #husqvarnavikingsewing, so we can see your wonderful creations.

Article written by Husqvarna Viking

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