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Written by Husqvarna Viking on November 23, 2022

How to Sew an Apron with Cross Over Straps

Get ready to dive into a world of Christmas joy and indulge in some festive moments with family and friends!

Whether it is Christmas dinner or cookies that you are making, these instructions for how to sew an apron with cross over straps will protect your cute Christmas outfits. This easy project features an embroidery design from Urban Threads which adds a sprinkle of fun machine embroidery to the apron.


Cutting and Preparation

1 ) Straps cut x2

a ) Width = 12cm

b ) Length = Top of shoulder to under bust x 2

2 ) Apron cut x1

a ) Width = Full bust + 15cm

b ) Height = High bust to knees or desired length

3 ) Facing cut x1

a ) Width = Full bust + 15cm

b ) Height = 12cm


1 ) Fold each strap in half lengthways with the right sides together and pin. Sew a side seam along each strap, then turn out using a safety pin and then iron flat. Change your stitch length to 3.0 and Top stitch along each edge.

2 ) Overlock the sides and bottom edge of the apron rectangle. Fold these edges in by 1cm and stitch down.

3 ) Overlock the sides of the facing. Fold these edges in by 1cm and stitch down.

4 ) Mark the centre front of the apron rectangle. Measure from the centre of your chest out to where you’d like the straps to sit, and then mark this measurement on the fabric on both sides.

5 ) On the right side of the fabric, put the straps on the marks you made in step 4, aligning the raw ends of the straps with the raw edge of the apron. Pin and then sew front straps to the apron with a 5mm seam allowance.

6 ) Cross over straps and sew to reverse side.

7 ) Lay the facing onto the apron with right sides together, sandwiching the straps between the apron and facing. Pin in place and then sew along the top edge with a 1cm seam allowance.

8 ) Open out the facing and press the seam allowance up. Understitch the seam allowance to the facing to stop it from rolling out when the apron is worn. Ensure the straps are out of the way so you don't sew over them accidentally.

9 ) Fold the facing down so that the wrong sides of the apron and the facing are together and press. With your stitch length to 3.0 along the bottom edge of the facing to secure it to the apron and enclose the raw edges, then snip the thread tails.


1 ) Purchase and download design UT19708 from Urban Threads. In the .vp3 Format and in size: 6.61" x 7.80"

2 ) Change to the embroidery foot and an Embroidery needle.

3 ) Load the embroidery onto a USB and insert into your machine.

4 ) Hoop Tear away stabilzer into the 240x150mm hoop.

5 ) Mark placement of the design onto your apron, and pin to stabiliser.

6 ) After selecting the embroidery design, go into stitch mode.

7 ) First select basting stitch, on the machine to further secure the fabric.

8 ) Stitch out design using your chosen colours. (we didn’t follow the recommendations on the design, we chose to do red and gold!).

Tip: when the design is stitching out ensure the straps and facing of the apron don’t get caught under the needle.

You’ve Learned How to Sew an Apron With Cross Over Straps!

Now armed with your Christmasy Cross over apron, what festive treats are you going to make to spoil your family and friends with?

Stuck for an idea for a gift for your fellow baking enthusiasts? Use this guide on how to sew an apron to make them a personalised cross-over apron. They will be sure to love it!

Tag us at @husqavrnaviking_sewing_aus on Instagram and use the hashtag #husqvarnavikingsewing, so we can see your wonderful creations.

Article written by Husqvarna Viking

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