Written by Debbie Lomas on February 8, 2023

So what's so good about Metal Hoops? Let us tell you!

Do you want to embellish some ready-made clothing? 

Do you have trouble hooping the garment without pulling, stretching, or sewing on another part of the garment? (And yes, we have all done that!)

Or do you have some delicate fabricates which are either difficult to hoop or should not be hooped at all?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Metal Hoops are the answer for you!

These unique hoops are a combination of a metal base with a series of magnets that attach on top of the hoop, sandwiching the fabric in between. The base is a flocked surface, to prevent your fabric from sliding and raised markings on the hoop indicate the centre of the embroidery area.  Attaching the magnets to the top of the fabric eliminates the need to sandwich the fabric between the outer and inner hoops, as in traditional hoops, reducing the risk of damaging your fabric. 

Embroidering several designs after each other or doing endless embroideries are easy just by removing the magnets and moving the fabric. Each hooping is done so quick, you are ready to embroider in no time!

The Metal hoop is available in 3 sizes: Large Metal Hoop 240mm x 150mm, (part # H9204380-96), Medium Metal Hoop 180mm x 130mm, (part # H9203620-96) and Small Metal Hoop 100mm x 100mm, (part # H9204390-96) to suit all your needs*.

Now what stabiliser can I use with them you ask? 

Nearly all stabilisers can be used with the Metal hoops. As with all embroidery you are best to match the stabiliser to your fabric rather than to your hoop. A lightweight fabric is suited to a lightweight stabiliser. To create free standing lace, you will need either a water based or heat dissolving stabiliser. Why don’t you check out our range of stabilisers and their uses here

Get more value with your hoop by adding the optional accessories of a Hat Hoop Accessory (Part # 9204850-96) or the Metal Hoop Fabric Guide (part # H9205090-96)

The Hat Hoop Accessory makes monograming on caps and hats easy! Attach the Hat Hoop Accessory to the Medium Metal Hoop so the wide bar helps to flatten and stabilise your project.

The Metal Hoop Fabric Guide easily attaches to any metal hoop to act as a barrier to keep the rest of the project out of the way! Perfect for using with the small metal hoop when embroidering on baby clothes!

As you can see these metal hoops are a necessity for every embroiderer. The ease and speed of hooping and embroidering your fabric will have you creating endless projects! 

*Please check the Machine Compatibility Chart to make sure it is compatible with your machine. Don’t forget to share your projects with us on Instagram Husqvarnavikingsewingaus tagging and using the hashtags #keepingtheworldsewing or our Facebook page Husqvarna Viking Australia.

Article written by Debbie Lomas
Debbie started her career working in a fabric store at the age of 20. She quickly moved into selling machines and teaching. After working with VSM for a number of years, she travelled to many craft shows around Australia teaching a variety of classes including the new love of her life, quilting and patchwork.

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